Jeremy Vanderlinden

Executive Pastor


Jeremy Vanderlinden started in full time ministry in 2005. Prior to that he worked for 12 years in the secular world working for the home improvement retailer – The Home Depot. After working his way to upper management and feeling he was very “comfortable” in his career, he was challenged by a southern California pastor to begin using his talents for The Kingdom. After months of praying he and his wife Kami decided to jump ship and move into full time ministry. Since then Jeremy has worked at some very fast growing and influential churches including the fastest growing church in the nation as rated by Outreach Magazine in 2010. God’s Church is the most important organization on earth to work for and he believes others should take steps of faith to use their talents for Kingdom work as well. Early 2013 God brought Jeremy to CrossCity as our Executive Pastor and we are excited to have him! He and his wife Kami have 3 kids and live in Clovis.


Favorite Sport?

As I get older, Golf seems to be the only sport I can excel at.


Favorite Vacation Spot?

Cancun Mexico


Favorite Local Restaurant?

Probably has to be Texas Roadhouse


Coffee or Tea?

Coffee – White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks