Tom Scott

Worship Leader


Tom grew up in Firebaugh and at the age of 17 he left for college at Cal State Northridge. He studied Music and French, among other things. He left college after he started doing some recording work with Berry Gordy’s son at Hitsville Studios, owned by Motown in LA. He joined a group called “Whose Image” which subsequently signed a record deal with Quincy Jones’ label, Qwest Records. When the band broke up before finishing the record, he came back to Fresno to figure out what he would do next. He ended up joining the staff at a local church called Victory Christian Fellowship, where he was the worship leader for 16 years. He first came to CrossCity in 2005 when Scott Reinemeyer, prompted by Rafael Carmany, asked him to come play piano and occasionally lead worship. He’s currently enjoying leading worship at CrossCity. He has three lovely children named Victoria, Paighton and Logan.


Favorite Sport?

Football (Raiders)


Favorite Vacation Spot?



Favorite Local Restaurant?

Cheesecake Factory


Coffee or Tea?